Busy 2020
Helping Hands Foundation

We are a non-profit, charitable organization formed by the artiste "Busy Signal".

Busy 2020 Helping Hands and its partners seeks to reach out to children and young people, their families and communities each year supporting them to become productive and functional citizens of their countries.

We believe in working with the community and for the community to tackle complex issues such as violence, poverty, disaffected youth, and lack of health care access. Together with civic leaders and neighbors, we are creating programs directed at areas that will have the most sustainable and positive impact.

How to Help

We strive to help every one...

What have you done today? Do something amazing by helping to change the lives of people. There are lots of ways you can make a difference:

We all can make Jamaica a great place to live, starting with one person and one parish at a time. We rely on the generosity of the public to help people in need every day. Essentially, we rely on you. Please join us, Busy2020 Helping Hands Foundation is exactly as it sounds a group of people from around the world who have pledged their time and resources to rescuing The St. Ann's Bay Hospital with equipments, Ambitious and budding students in need of help, and helping the Church to spread the good news that promotes a great society to live in.

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Our Projects

busy2020 Press Launch

We strive to help every one...

busy2020 Press LaunchBusy (2020) Helping Hands Foundation has acquired the undertaking of upgrading the St. Ann's Bay Hospital's Imagining Department. Our first project is to purchase an X-Ray Machine. The current X-ray machine has been in the department for over 30 years and is out of service at regular intervals, which leaves patients to receive this service at private facilities which is often very expensive.

Estimated cost of the X-ray machine $105,000.00 USD

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busy2020 Press Launch

Our Donors

We strive to help every one...

When you make a donation to Busy (2020) Helping Hands Foundation, you have made a commitment to make a difference in someone's life. Remember the pleasure you have derived from accessing information and knowledge from those around you, books and information technology. Think of your opportunities for success without those things, not much. It is possible to share this pleasure and therefore opportunity for success with those less fortunate than yourselves by supporting Busy (2020) Helping Hands Foundation. As we strive to better the lives of needy students.


Our Sponsors

Come on board, partner with us...

Busy (2020) Helping Hands Foundation offers a chance for organizations to provide a meaningful, engaging and rewarding experience for companies to come on board and work towards a common goal to make a difference. Your organization will benefit from a proven solution for corporate social responsibility, employee engagement and recognition. Providing a facility to provide great health care is off paramount importance to every corporate citizen JOIN US in making St. Ann's Bay Hospital a first class facility.