Clickmarket online


Clickmarket online

June 6, 2015 1:06 am Published by

Clickmarketonline is Jamaica’s #1 Online Marketplace bringing buyers and sellers together from across Jamaica.

Our business is powerful in its simplicity.  Jamaican businesses find it difficult and expensive to reach all Jamaicans across the country. Jamaican consumers find it difficult to reach their favorite brands and retailers and they are frustrated by a perceived lack of choice and convenience.

Clickmarket solves this problem by providing a credible platform for sellers to reach Jamaicans across Jamaica and overseas.  Buyers can find the products they are looking for from the convenience of home or work and get more choices while they browse.  Once they find the product they need, we ensure that they can pay for it safely and securely with a 2-day delivery guarantee anywhere in Jamaica. The best part, customers can shop with or without a credit card and there are absolutely no membership fees.


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