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When you make a donation to Busy (2020) Helping Hands Foundation, you have made a commitment to make a difference in someone's life. Remember the pleasure you have derived from accessing information and knowledge from those around you, books and information technology. Think of your opportunities for success without those things, not much. It is possible to share this pleasure and therefore opportunity for success with those less fortunate than yourselves by supporting Busy (2020) Helping Hands Foundation. As we strive to better the lives of needy students. Help us to provide a helping hand to needy students through your generous donations.

The Church as a whole depends on the ongoing support of Christians to do the work of spreading the Good News of the Gospel. We need your help in reaching out to those who seek the comfort and peace that comes from embracing the Truth. At the same time, churches need our helping hands to assist and build a more peaceful society.

Join with us today and lend a helping hand, donate to build our society by spreading the good news to all. We depend on your support along with support of our friends and neighbors to assist the St. Ann's Bay Hospital with the necessary equipment needed to provide patients with accurate, speedy diagnosis. We are committed to re-vamp and re-establish the St. Ann's Bay hospital, starting with an X-ray machine for the Imaging Department.

We need your helping hands to make a difference in the lives of the patients at the St. Ann's Bay Hospital, Donate Today!

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